VP, Marketing: Sirius XM – Irving, TX

Company Overview

Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRI) is the world’s largest radio broadcaster, measured by revenue, and has close to 28 million subscribers. SiriusXM, through its subsidiaries, provides satellite radio services in the United States and Canada. The company broadcasts commercial free Music plus Sports, Entertainment, Comedy, Talk, News, Traffic, and Weather programs, including various music genres ranging from Rock, Pop and Hip-Hop to Country, Dance, Jazz, Latin, and Classical; live play-by-play Sports from principal leagues and colleges; multitude of Talk and Entertainment channels for various audiences; National, International, and Financial news; and local traffic reports for 22 metropolitan markets. It also streams a variety of content over the Internet, and offers applications to allow consumers to access its Internet radio service on smartphones and tablet computers.

In addition, the company distributes satellite radios through the sale and lease of new vehicles, and acquires subscribers through the sale and lease of previously owned vehicles with factory-installed satellite radios. Its satellite radio systems include satellites, terrestrial repeaters, and other satellite facilities, studios, and radios. Further, the company provides Travel Link (a suite of data services that include graphical weather, fuel prices, sports schedule and scores, and movie listings), real-time traffic services, and real-time weather services. Additionally, through its Connected Vehicle unit, it offers a portfolio of location- based services through two-way wireless connectivity, including safety, security, convenience, maintenance and data services, remote vehicle diagnostics, stolen or parked vehicle locator services, and monitoring of vehicle emission systems. The company also sells satellite and Internet radios directly to consumers through its Website, as well as through national and regional retailers. Sirius XM Holdings Inc. was founded in 1990, employs close to 2,500, and is headquartered in New York, New York. For more information, visit the company’s web site at www.siriusxm.com.

Position Overview

This VP, Marketing will lead the SiriusXM Connected Vehicle (CV) team to develop and execute targeted Marketing Programs designed to drive subscriber growth for the CV business, across several distinct OEM branded programs. The VP, CV Marketing is responsible for translating subscriber prospect and market opportunities into overall initiatives, roadmaps and operations that effectively support the ability to aggressively drive subscriber acquisition, enrollment and retention, on behalf of the company’s OEM partners. This role will be critical in finding the most efficient and effective ways to get OEM’s customers into the CV solutions SiriusXM builds and manages. A strong grasp of subscription-based business models and associated Direct Marketing tactics will enable the ideal candidate to develop—and sell to the OEM’s—annual Marketing plans, in conjunction with the Automotive Partnership teams and Executive Leadership Team. Leading the CV Marketing, Operations and Marketing Analytics teams to both execute on a day-to-day basis and deliver on strategic initiatives will require close collaboration and communication with both internal cross-functional groups as well as each OEM, directly. By clearly articulating the strategic approach and rationale, the VP will need to both garner the support of all key OEM partners, internal stakeholders, and instill confidence in SiriusXM’s ability to deliver.

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Engagement Strategies – With strategic input and brand-specific customer data from each OEM partner (e.g., Nissan, BMW, Toyota, Hyundai), lead definition of the optimal contact strategy to help determine “who gets what, when and how” in order to drive subscriber acquisition for the OEM’s, while minimizing CPA and maximizing LTV. Continually help define customer segmentation (demographics, psychographics, buying behavior and motivations, etc.) for each OEM, and optimize for each critical customer segment product/solution, and channel (e.g., Email, Telesales, Direct Mail, In-Car Messaging, Mobile App, Web Site). In short, design the optimal contact strategy for each OEM partner, based on unique Customer Research, Insights & Marketing Analytics.
  • Strategic Targeting – The VP, CV Marketing will lead a team responsible for helping each OEM partner identify the highest potential subscriber prospects who offer the greatest lifetime value (LTV), and appropriately allocating Marketing resources (both shared resources, and OEM-only resources) in order to capitalize on these segments and prospects. This individual will help improve and oversee various analytics and customer dashboards to provide insight into current and future subscriber behaviors and buying decisions. The key to driving long-term, profitable subscriber retention (LTV), for the CV program, is to acquire the right subs in the first place.
  • Subscriber Acquisition – As a top priority for the SiriusXM CV team, and critical to maintaining the long-term health of every OEM partner relationship, drive profitable subscriber acquisition to ensure SiriusXM meets its subscription and revenue goals, for the CV program. The VP, CV Marketing will work to optimize testing capabilities and protocols, across the multi-channel Marketing mix (TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail, Social Media, Referral Programs, Display, SEO/SEM, Email Marketing, In-Vehicle Messaging, Mobile). They will develop and monitor performance of all Marketing activities against business goals and metrics, defining which channels and tactical programs drive the optimal CPA and LTV, for each OEM.
  • Subscriber Retention – Continue to develop, test, learn, implement and measure, the optimal contact strategy—and related messaging, promotions and pricing—in order to increase loyalty, maximize retention, and enhance LTV. Deliver these goals by utilizing relevant, targeted communications, life-cycle management and other CRM tactics.
  • Cross-Sell & Up-Sell – Once enrolled, work closely with each OEM to develop a targeted effort to encourage their SiriusXM CV subscribers to upgrade or enhance their current membership, and develop programs to encourage subs to buy other services/solutions. As the collective base of SiriusXM CV subscribers grows, this effort will be critical to enhancing customer LTV, as well as driving overall revenue and profitability, for the OEM’s, and for SiriusXM.
  • Financial Delivery – Play a key role in the definition and delivery of agreed-to OEM financial goals, including Revenue, EBITDA, CPA, LTV and MROI. Effectively manage and “own” the SiriusXM CV Marketing budget (and related P&L), and serve as a trusted advisor to each OEM as they work to maximize the impact of their dedicated Marketing dollars.
  • Marketing Operations – Review and enhance, where necessary, all subscriber acquisition, subscriber loyalty and CRM processes, measurements, information systems, etc., that are needed to enable the SiriusXM and OEM Marketing teams to operate efficiently and effectively in pursuit of their CPA and LTV objectives. In working with numerous OEMs that offer different services, packages of services, and have unique capabilities, this role will require a strong business process focus and operations expertise. There is no “one size fits all” here and subscriber contact strategies and brand guidelines may differ from one OEM to another. SiriusXM’s ability to execute and manage the varying operations and lifecyles of the OEM’s in this regard will be key to the VP, CV Marketing’s success.
  • Brand Stewardship – While not directly responsible for managing any of the OEM brands, or their branded CV services, this individual will be a senior Marketing advisor and influencer, for each OEM partner, and as such, should collaborate and interact with internal and OEM Marketing leaders, internal SiriusXM Sales leaders, to ensure all subscriber acquisition and loyalty programs differentiate and enhance each OEM brand (as well as the SiriusXM brand, where appropriate)—while reflecting each brand’s strategic position and essence—across all subscriber (prospect) touch-points, and all relevant Marketing channels.
  • Analytics & Insights – This VP, CV Marketing will play a leadership role in evolving and enhancing the company’s CV Analytics ecosystem. This blueprinting will include identifying and defining critical information needs across the Marketing operation, and developing (internally, and externally, with OEM partners) a suite of platforms, tools and data sources which will provide the information required to inform better decision-making. This work will include close collaboration with Business Intelligence, Product/Engineering, Marketing and Sales teams to: 1) capture, analyze, and make actionable, comprehensive customer & marketplace data; 2) build predictive analytics capabilities; 3) enable personalization across the customer contact experience (Marketing channels, website, etc.) algorithmically and with automation; and 4) feed other SiriusXM Marketing members & OEM teams with rich customer and subscriber insights.
  • Organizational Development – The VP, CV Marketing will be responsible for hiring, developing and promoting talent, as needed. The ability to quickly establish credible working relationships with the team, and coach and counsel direct reports for enhanced team performance, is essential.
  • Suppliers – Seek, develop and manage external relationships, seeking “Best Practices,” as well as a value-added approach whereby external resources are viewed as “partners” vs. merely “vendors” or “suppliers.”

    Performance & Success Measures

    • Financial – Revenue, EBITDA and Profit
    • Customer – Customer Count (#), CPA ($), LTV ($), Churn, Loyalty
    • Brand – Brand Health Measures (Awareness), Customer Sat (NPS), Social Engagement
    • Increased Marketing Effectiveness (ROI)
    • Operational Effectiveness and Management
    • Feedback from key internal partners (SiriusXM Sales) and external partners (OEM’s)

    Reporting Relationship(s)

    The “VP, Marketing” for the Connected Vehicle team at SiriusXM, will report to Ms. Kathy Thomson, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer for Sirius XM Holdings, Inc. Kathy was the former President and Chief Operating Officer of the Los Angeles Times, and joined Sirius XM Holdings Inc., almost two years ago. In her position at the LA Times, she oversaw the Editorial, Advertising Sales, Business Services and Marketing units. As Chief Operating Officer of the Publishing unit of Tribune Co., the parent company of The Times, she managed the effort to expand Digital products and the use of video reporting at The Times, the Chicago Tribune and Tribune Co.’s six other daily newspapers. She has also served as an executive at FLO TV, a division of Qualcomm Inc., and she spent eight years with DirecTV, where she was instrumental in growing that business. Kathy earned her MBA from Loyola Marymount University, and her BS from the University of Utah.

    Staff & Resources

    • VP, Partnerships
    • Sr. Director, Marketing Operations
    • Sr. Director, Analytics
    • 13-15 other Marketing Managers and Staff

    Key Internal Operating Relationships

    • Executive Leadership Team
    • Automotive Partnership Team
    • Corporate Marketing and Creative Teams • Product and Engineering
    • Finance and Legal

Compensation & Benefits

• Competitive base salary
• Annual discretionary cash performance incentive/bonus • Long-term discretionary equity opportunity
• 401K (with match)
• Paid time off/Vacation
• Comprehensive Health Care benefits
• Limited Relocation assistance to the Dallas, TX area

Candidate Profile

Experience Base

  • Direct Marketing – Candidates must be highly analytical and have current experience leading a multi-channel Acquisition/Retention-based Marketing operation in a Direct Marketing-driven sector. Ideally, we are seeking client-side experience, but relevant experience with a Direct Marketing agency could also be appropriate. Based on how this business is scaling thus far, it will be critical for candidates to be highly skilled in the areas of Direct Mail, and Telemarketing (inbound and outbound).
  • E-commerce & Digital – Candidates should ideally have recent experience managing Customer Acquisition and/or CRM/Loyalty for an online business (actually selling products or services) or an online retail channel (for a business selling in other channels, too). Must be familiar with a variety of Interactive/Digital Marketing tools, including Email, Retargeting, Display, Affiliate/Partnership, SEO/SEM, Social Media, and Mobile.
  • Recurrent Model – Experience in member-based or subscriber-based business models that are highly commoditized and recurring (Wireless, Cable/Sat-TV, Insurance, Consumer Credit, Media/Publishing/Content, Home Services, etc.), would be highly-valued and highly relevant to SXM.
  • Entrepreneurial Experience – Ideally, secondary experience in a smaller, more entrepreneurial, brand-driven, consumer-facing company. Of particular interest, experience in lean businesses within industries with multiple communication and distribution channels. Key here is learning how to be resourceful, adaptive, and moving to market with urgency.
  • Vendor/Agency/Functional Management – Experience serving as the key liaison with a roster of external Direct Marketing suppliers and Agency partners, lead the Scope of Work (SOW), compensation, negotiation, and process optimization processes. Demonstrated success building organizational capabilities through process design, organizational development, recruiting and training.

Skill Set

• World-class Direct Marketing skills and executional abilities (technically proficient)
• Innovative and creative thinking balanced with pragmatism (fresh, big-picture thinking)
• Organizational leadership and team development (leads through influence)
• Intellectual horsepower (highly analytical & strategic)
• Drives for results in prioritized manner (balanced sense of urgency)
• Listening skills, minimal ego (listen first, then respond)
• Complex problem-solving, with hands-on ability (create options, then converge)
• Organized and attention-to-detail approach (strong tactical and operations execution)
• Highly resourceful (stretches people and money; compresses time)
• Collaborative (works with peers across many functionalities within the company)
• Financially minded (complete P&L responsibility)

Personality Profile

• Strong people management and leadership skills
• High degree of emotional intelligence
• Self-directed/motivated
• Flexible and adaptable
• Results orientation with keen commercial mentality
• Enthusiastic with pride and passion for winning
• Roll-up-your sleeves work ethic
• Frugal – treats company resources as his/her own
• High integrity and trustworthy
• Flexible intellect and highly flexible work style
• Comfort working in a fast-paced, rapidly changing and highly dynamic work environment

Search Contact

David Wiser
Principal Partner – Cincinnati, OH Office
513.919.4000 (M)