Get to know your Denver Chapter President: Manny Rodriguez. Manny is the Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at UCHealth and has been a CMO Club Members since January of 2016, active in chapter dinners, a featured speaker at CMO Club Summits, a mentor to Future CMO Club members and a finalist for The CMO Marketing Innovation Award in 2016.

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Manny has also been featured in our #CMOrapidFire campaign.

CMO Rapid Fire. Manny Rodriguez, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, UCHealth. Hidden Talent: I was a college radio DJ & was a private DJ throughout college to help pay the bills. Guilty Pleasure: Kit Kats and m&ms! Charity: as a leukemia survivor my favorite charity is the leukemia & lymphoma society. Without their efforts & investments in reasearch I wouldn't be alive today. Favorite pastime: spending time with my 7 year old Tomas. Just never seem to have enough. If not a marketer, I'd be: the owner of a dog boarding place. I love dogs.

Thank you for all you do, Manny!  Check out the recent feature on Houston Chapter President, Jennifer Dominiquini here.