“When I was growing up, a surprising number of our local professionals had names that doubled as appropriate descriptors. Dr. Gum was an oral surgeon, Dr. Smiley a delightful plastic surgeon. There were many others. Only Dr. Bonebreak messed things up as he was not an orthopedist but instead a rather feared pediatric dentist! So when I hear a name like LaForce, I can’t help but wonder if the namesake is a force to reckoned with. Read my interview below and you will know with certainty that Colette LaForce is indeed just that.

As CMO of AMD, the microprocessor company that is the David to Intel’s Goliath, LaForce quickly established a Marketing Operations to quantify activities, dealt with a major corporate restructuring and then relaunched AMD on a global basis. Oh and did I mention she’s piloting an innovative marketing effort exclusively for the Chinese? It’s never a dull moment when you’re working for a challenger brand and Colette seems to thrive under these circumstances so it’s little wonder she is also a recent recipient of The CMO Club‘s award for Leadership.” Drew Neisser – Originally appeared on TheDrewBlog.com

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