CMO Rapid Fire: Behind the Scenes With CMOs From SureScripts, Tungsten Network and GE Healthcare

The CMO Club
August 15, 2017


There’s much more to a CMO than their business and marketing accomplishments so we created a #CMOrapidFire Campaign to get to know CMO Club Members a little better! Here is a quick roundup of recent members featured and an extra behind the scenes look at what you didn’t see the first time!

Melanie Marcus
CMO, Surescripts



*Melanie is now the CMO of Surescripts.
What we didn’t share…
Podcast: TED Talks – this is my personal reminder to listen to more of them!
Favorite pastime: Entertaining friends
TV You Can’t Miss: The Presidential Debates – I was addicted!

Connie Connelly O’Brien
CMO, Tungsten Network

What we didn’t share…
Workout: Kick Boxing (And whose face shall I imagine on the bag today?)
First Job: Research assistant at Jordan,McGrath, Case & Taylor

Steven Keller
Director, Digital Marketing & Healthcare, GE Healthcare
Twitter: @SRKellerCMO RAPID FIRE, Steven Keller1




What we didn’t share…
Favorite Book: “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy by JRR Tolkien, followed closely by “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson.
Sport/Workout: I was an avid mountain biker in Southern California, but I can’t seem to find any mountains near Chicago ☹️
Coolest Personal Achievement: I was the Production executive at Disney Imagineering responsible for developing and producing “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience 3D” the movie attraction installed at several of the Disney theme parks.
Hidden Talent:
 I refinish wooden furniture
First Job: I delivered papers, and had a lawnmowing business at age 11


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