Every brand with a pulse is on social media today but few are doing it as well as the GRAMMYS. The combined social media interactions for their 2014 Annual Awards Show reached a record-breaking 36 million people, garnering 15.7 million mentions on Twitter alone. Who can forget Pharrell Williams’ hat? Nielsen Social ranked this year’s Grammy Awards as the biggest social entertainment program of the 2014-2015 season to date. The Recording Academy (The GRAMMYs) CMO and LA Chapter President, Evan Greene was happy to share some of his biggest social media insights with The LA CMO Club Chapter on February 17.

SHAREABILITY Co-Founders Nick Reed and Tim Staples joined Evan in leading the discussion, adding their perspective on what resonates with today’s digital audiences, particularly through the YouTube channel. SHAREABILITY is the first full service brand agency to focus exclusively on YouTube for delivering brand stories that grow audience sentiment.

Here are 10 key takeaways that every brand should integrate into their social media and video content strategies immediately:

  1. Stay Relevant: Relevancy makes people want to share your content. If content isn’t deemed shareable, it’s not posted. When you become irrelevant, that’s when people un-follow you and you’ll likely never get them back. –Evan Greene, CMO of the Recording Academy
  2. Give the customer what they want: For the last 50 years, brands have been focused on ME ME ME. It’s time to shift the focus to value-based content – what does the consumer want? –Nick Reed & Tim Staples, Co-Founders of Shareability
  3. Implement an evergreen social strategy: The Grammys social media strategy is all about consistently reinforcing the importance of music in people’s lives year round – not just once a year. –EG
  4. Get emotional: Shareable emotions are Joy, Awe, Disgust, Anger. Ask yourself if your video content is eliciting one of these responses. –NR & TS
  5. Do your homework: We spend a lot of time examining the market and strategizing timing. –EG
  6. Encourage discovery & community: Millenials love discovery but they hate to be sold to. – NR & TS
  7. Make your content like candy – bite-size is best: Infographics and other bite-sized consumable content are working for the GRAMMYS – EG
  8. YouTube is not online TV: One of the biggest mistakes we see is when brands put their TV commercials on YouTube and expect to perform. They are two completely different mediums that require two completely different messages. –NR & TS
  9. Join the conversation: The GRAMMYS brand is opportunistic on social: we love to join conversations that artists and fans are already having. -EG
  10. Timing is everything: Pro YouTube Tip – Monday & Tuesday mornings are usually the best times to release content. –NR & TS