As CMOs, the relationships we are specifically concerned with are our customers. Led by Ned Moore, CEO of Clutch, our June 22 Dinner and Roundtable in Philadelphia focused on more intelligent customer engagement and covered 4 main topics where CMOs can improve.

#1: Automation of daily functions

While many companies have email marketing systems and/or CRM tools in place, many of these programs don’t give CMOs a complete view of their customers and smaller segments. This leaves marketers having to think of the right questions, wait for a response and decide on an action. Our CMOs expressed how much time this process requires and how many missed opportunities would happen in the meantime.

Automation can quickly become a busy CMOs best friend when it comes to day-to-day data and analytics. Done correctly, automation will provide the answers to the questions you haven’t even asked yet. However, not all problems can be solved this way – even our roundtable leader’s software isn’t up to par on all that he wants. It is still important to be accessible as a CMO, asking and prompting answers to key marketing questions.

#2: Curating UGC (user generated content)

There is no better way to understand your customer’s preferences than by simply understanding what content they are consuming and creating themselves. Even brick and mortar stores have an opportunity to create two-way communication via digital media.

Today’s companies shouldn’t turn a blind eye to all of the content that their users are creating for them. The organization that effectively collects its UGC and scales it for our omni-channel world will increase their engagement by making their customers – and their customer’s opinions – feel important.

#3: Creating value vs. giving discounts

A CMOs goal is to elevate the brand, not discount it. Offering discounts has its place, but engaging your customers with real value will establish a relationship of loyalty that lasts much longer than an initial purchase.

During the roundtable, members brought up the importance of continually updating value offerings. As you learn more about your customers, continue to build a better experience for them. One example of this is a membership organization with perks that entice customers to interact with your brand more. This also provides your organization customer information that allows you to create tailored offers for prospective members.

#4: Visibility of marketing efforts

Marketers are always busy making sure the right message is being said at the right time – but is that message being seen?

A marketing team needs to be aware of the tools that create and measure the visibility of campaigns. Understanding and segmenting this information in real time, while seeing the results that are being achieved, would give a new line of sight to the CMO. This creates better control and a new way to articulate specific value to others on the team.

Overall, the roundtable was a thought-provoking discussion on how to increase intelligent customer engagement. Does your company excel in these areas, or are you looking for creative ways to improve your customer engagement, too? Share your strategies with the CMO Club below.