Cutting through via content marketing is getting harder by the second. Just a minute ago, one hundred hours of videos were uploaded to YouTube while today alone another 27 million new blog posts fight for our attention. Add in web pages, apps, newsletters, configurators and webinars along with all other types of content and you start to understand the challenge here.

So how do today’s top CMOs differentiate their content marketing strategies from the competition? Here are 5 insights as diverse as the CMOs behind them:

1. Refine Your Own Resources—Lisa Bacus, Cigna:

“We are fortunate to have authored several white papers on emerging trends, that we have turned into helpful content — videos, on-site advising, infographics, live chats… I’d start by looking within. There are probably a lot of great things that the organization is currently doing — you just need to harness it, synthesize it, and create it in a way that is compelling and consumers can easily digest it. And with good analytics/insight, you can deliver it in a way they want to receive it.”

2. Polish, Test and Repeat—Colin Hall, Allen Edmonds:

“It all starts with great looking product and great photography. As a domestic manufacturer, our advantage is that we can continually tweak products until we’re sure they’re ready for the market. We partner with three different photographers, each specializing in specific environments to ensure our products always look great. We create almost all of our content in-house which gives us strong control of our brand messaging. Then we measure everything so we can optimize content over time for continual improvement.”

3. Expand Your Presence—Mary Ann Fitzmaurice Reilly, American Express: 

“Your best inspiration will come from listening to your customers – create content that will be engaging or meaningful to them, and go where they are and develop a consistent presence in those channels. For example, on OPEN Forum, we create content that not only covers the issues on the mind of small business owners, but that is also synched with where OPEN’s products and programs can add value. This ensures that we are not just another voice, but we are a credible one bringing distinct tangible value to the issues that are important to them.”

4. Be The User Manual—Heather Newman, Content Panda:

“Since we are a B2B software company we spend our time creating content around building out use cases and video scripts. We will continue to spend money on creating video demos, product specific downloadable items from our website and thought leadership pieces for our blog going into 2015.”

5. Showcase The Machinery—Kate Chinn, Tishman Speyer:

“We do a blog on with unique ‘insider’ content that we push out, and that’s really our only vehicle for content marketing aside from some e-newsletters. But the blog is great! For instance, they’ll interview the gardener who plans and installs the channel gardens each season, or the art restorer who has been with Rockefeller Center for years and handles the public art on the buildings. It’s nitty-gritty stuff about Rock Center that has not necessarily driven traffic, but has been a great bonus for our users.”