CMO’s know how important it is to put the right team together. The hiring process is a necessary evil and after many successful (and some unsuccessful) hires, we asked CMO Club Members what characteristics they value most when hiring new marketing talent for their team.

Here’s what they had to say…

Doug Zarkin, VP, CMO, Pearle Vision

Yes, there are unique skill sets for each role but what drives someone to the top of the consideration set is a desire to make a difference. Someone who wants to earn the 3 A’s:

* Authority to make decisions.
* Autonomy in which to operate and not be micro managed.
* Accountability that comes with #1 and #2.


Becky Schroeder, Vice President of Marketing at Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC)

Becky Schroeder, Vice President of Marketing at Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC)

It depends on the specific position but, overall, I look for people who are going to treat it as more than a job. People who are going to look around them with a curiosity from time to time and be inspired to apply what they see to what we do.



Dave Minifie

Dave Minifie, Chief Experience Officer & EVP, Corporate Strategy, Centene Corporation

I always consider the three “C’s” for my organization as a whole, and for individuals on the team. Do you have the Capability we need to succeed? Do you have the Capacity to contribute in this environment? And do you have a Cultural fit for how we operate?

The more time I spend in leadership, the more I value how important culture is for long-term success.


Manny Rodriguez

Manny Rodriguez, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, UCHealth

I look for someone with a desire to break the 4-minute mile.

What do I mean by that? I often ask candidates: “If you have a goal to run a 4-minute mile, what do you do once you’ve accomplished it?” Most people say they’d celebrate. Once in a blue moon, I get someone who responds with something like, “then I’d try to run it in 3:59.”  That is the person I want on my team.


Trish MuellerTrish Mueller, Recent CMO, The Home Depot

* Courage
* Composure
* Competitiveness
* Curiosity



Jerome Nadel

Jerome Nadel, CMO at Rambus

* Execution, experience and skill are all good things.
* Chemistry and style are huge.
* Creativity and innate storytelling.
* The ability to influence others internally and externally.
*Results oriented.
*A generally positive attitude.

Each additional player affects the alchemy of the team.


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