They may have over 19,000 restaurants in 60 different countries, but John Costello, President of Global Marketing and Innovation at Dunkin’ Donuts, accredits the brand’s widespread success to it’s loyal customers.

In a recent article for Chief Marketer, Costello shared his 6 core principles for building a brand – principles that transcend time and guide a company’s marketing decisions during shifts brought on by new technology:

  • Confront Reality
  • Differentiate or Die
  • Be Agile
  • Innovate
  • Leverage Big Data
  • Build a Great Team

To show an example of how Dunkin’ Donuts puts these 6 principles into action, Costello highlighted their recent Iced Coffee campaign. After facing reality and taking note of the fact that 60% of their sales are from beverages – not donuts – the company was able to leverage their data to launch new products in an engaging way. The comical ads, featuring two well-known sports stars singing a love song about iced coffee, effectively reached their online audience and was widely shared on social media.

At the end of the day, it comes down to making informed decisions that put your customers first. The world of marketing doesn’t leave much room for guesswork or muddled messaging, so finding balance between innovation and data is important.

To read more about each of Costello’s 6 core principles, click here.

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