8 New CMO Interviews, 8 New CMO Jobs, New Dinners and New March CMO Innovation Summit Agenda

Welcome back from what we hope was a great holiday for you and your families. In the last week your peers have added new CMO curated content, jobs, dinners, and summit details including:

8 New CMO Club Award Winner interviews: http://www.thecmoclub.com/pg/thecmoclub/leadership_library

New CMO Jobs shared by CMO Club members: http://www.thecmoclub.com/pg/thecmoclub/jobs/3817/

New CMOs in the Club and access to all 775+ Peers in the Club: http://www.thecmoclub.com/pg/thecmoclub/all-members

New CMO Club Chapter dinners in January and February plus The CMO Club House at SxSW in Austin in March, with the new Cvent registration platform: http://www.cvent.com/events/cmo-club-dinners/event-summary-a7f3ae10d5c04842ab22cb61ee854cb6.aspx

New agenda, venue and dates for your CMO Club Innovation and Inspiration Summit, now March 24-25 at the Conrad Hotel in NYC. Details and register today: http://www.cvent.com/events/the-cmo-club-spring-summit/event-summary-32425f7ea7694dda90fd4de8e975dd2b.aspx

Thanks again for being part of the world’s best CMO conversations and we hope you have a great start to 2014.