Organizing a successful team is a top-of-mind subject for most marketers, and for good reason. As a leader in your organization, you know that it’s not so much about what you do as an individual, as it is about what your team does as a whole.

In the video below, Gordon Ho, Head of Global Marketing at Princess Cruises and Elisabeth Charles, SVP/CMO of Marketing & Customer Engagement at Athleta, share some quick tips on finding all-star team members and fostering top talent.

Internally, it’s all about recognizing good talent in your organization and challenging them to reach their full potential.

“Before you know it, they’ll be a part of some other team, but that’s ok,” said Ho.

While that may seem counter productive to building your own team, he emphasized that it’s a reflection of your own company growing, getting better and recruiting the next round of top innovators to the team.

And when it comes to recruiting that new talent, Charles said to always keep an eye out for the ‘hungry hippos’ – those motivated, talented individuals that are looking for ways to stand out.

Watch the video for the all-star tips Ho and Charles shared with us at the Fall CMO Club Innovation and Inspiration Summit:

[youtube id=”SETkf_0-nqg”]