One of the greatest benefits of being a member of The CMO Club is joining a community of experienced and successful marketing leaders who believe in the power of sharing their expertise, learning from the experience of others, and understanding that personal connections are key to your personal and professional growth. Our CMO Club’s mantra of “you need to give to get” is predicated on having an engaged community who embraces this mentality.

Therefore, as the Club has grown with more CMOs interested in benefiting from engaging with peers, it is time to create an engagement leadership group of CMO Club members working with Chapter Presidents, who’s focus is on building, enabling, and encouraging the person to person connections within The Club. Whether it is helping to answer the questions of prospective members and sharing the value The Club brings to you; or welcoming new members and helping them integrate via introductions to people at a Summit or across the Chapters; or being a connector of people to help them use the power of our network to solve business problems and gain ideas on how to further their careers…it’s all about driving interpersonal engagement and community bonds.

Criteria to be a CMO Club Engagement Chair

  • Current active, engaged member of The CMO Club who has attended a few Summits, including at least one in the last 18 months.
  • Demonstrated active engagement and passion for helping others and living the DNA of the Club.
  • While Members can self-nominate, they should still be recommended by at least one member in the Club and approved by The CMO Club Board and Chapter Presidents.

Want to nominate a member, or yourself, for an Engagement Chair for The CMO Club – Send your nomination or request to be an engagement chair to Greg Wolach at or text Greg at +1 954 549-3610.

Click here for more Engagement Chair Program details. This is a great new step in the growth of the Club and value to members. I look forward to announcing the new Engagement Chairs at The CMO Club Fall Summit Oct. 16-17th.