The CMO Club Austin Chapter Dinner and Roundtable

Key Takeaways


The Unorthodox Guide to Content Marketing, led by Ian Greenleigh, Director of Marketing at Data.World, and author of The Social Media Side DoorHow to Bypass the Gatekeepers to Gain Greater Access and Influence.

  • Ask yourself: What traditional or conventional thinking have I bought into?  Should I still adhere to it? Example: Someone once said seven-hundred words was the max to blog, so you dutifully bang out that much verbiage, but when you cut it back to three-hundred, engagement goes up.  What other conventions are you mindlessly observing?
  • Use “what if” scenarios to challenge your thinking and get outside your comfort zone.  Example: What if Facebook was no longer a viable way to reach your customers?  What would you do instead?  Get your team engaged and give them a “what if” thought project. You’ll be amazed at what they can come up with!
  • Return to the Abandoned – Few people send personalized “snail mail” or notes anymore. The resurrection of direct mail is one excellent way to stand out.
  • Scalable Personalization – Where handwritten notes may not seem feasible, there are services that will do this for less than you would think.
  • Ego is the central part of personalization, and it part of human nature. Example: a photo booth where people do group photos for Instagram, a company logo watermarked on the picture.
  • Take ideas from others – A wise man once said that a good marketing person only steals from the best. Take what others are doing and a task your team to think how they can tweak that idea for your organization.
  • A/B testing is cheap to do, especially with digital. Always test. You might just find that gold mine.
  • Go down two levels in your team. Ask the managers and staff: “How would you do this?” or “Is this a good way to reach your generation?”