No one can argue that having the full confidence of the C-suite in your marketing abilities just makes life a whole lot easier. Having conversations about new concepts becomes a pleasurable exchange of ideas. Asking for budget does not descend into a defensive argument about the value of marketing. And you don’t walk into your office, or cubicle, or workspace every day with that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach wondering if you still have a job.

In my opinion, earning credibility takes more than just competence. Marketing competence is a given, and it is up to each of us as marketers to stay on top of our marketing game through continuous learning and ongoing networking. There is no magic formula to gaining and retaining credibility, but I do believe that there are certain behaviors that we can exhibit that can make us more credible. Here are just two ideas for you to consider, and we can expand on these – and discuss other ideas — in future blog posts.

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