Carol Kruse, the new CMO Solution Chair, shares her insights as the head of the Marketing Organization pillar.

“Great marketing starts on the inside. Throughout my career, I’ve seen first-hand the importance of leadership, and stellar people management, to create a really world-class marketing team. Getting your marketing organization structured, staffed and rallied around a vision with specific goals is the critical first step. However, the old marketing playbook on how to do this is obsolete. Broken. Ineffective. The pillar of Marketing Leadership will feature conversations and content to help us all create the new playbook of best in class marketing leadership, organizational design, star talent, positioning the Marketing department within your company and driving better collaboration, budget and measurement and managing through mergers and acquisitions.

Marketing today is a fishbowl. Therefore complete transparency — whether you want it or not — is a reality. The quality of your marketing team and your personal leadership will be apparent to “the world” in many ways.  Social sharing, marketing results, customer experience and word-of-mouth are all vehicles that show our organizational strengths and weaknesses. Gear up to create a strong marketing organization and build from there. Let’s all learn from each other how to build and lead marketing organizations that enable marketing to be the most impactful function in a company.” – Carol Kruse, Marketing Organization Chair.