By Colin Harvill of Creative Ventures

This year when the Emmy Awards were announced something struck me. What do you think the following categories have in common?

  • Best Original Programming
  • Best Actor in a Drama Series
  • Outstanding Drama Series
  • Lead Actor and Actress in a Mini Series
  • Outstanding Mini Series
  • Outstanding TV Movie

Not ONE nominee is from the Big 4 TV networks. Not ONE!

The quality bar has been raised so high by the original programming coming out of HBO, Netflix, FX and other content providers that network TV simply has not been able to keep up.

Sure, there are lots of factors in this viewing and nominating formula. We have radically changed how we consume content. From binge watching via streaming services to mobile technologies, but at the end of the day it’s really not about delivery strategies, it’s about the quality of the crafting and delivery of story. It’s always about STORY.

The writing and idea development for TV is raising the entertainment and educational bar (think Cosmos) to new and challenging heights. Couple that story crafting with high dollar production, effects, acting and direction and you will see the true POWER that exists in the two core aspects of story – CRAFTING and TELLING.

When we work with our clients, we bring these very aspects to every part of an organization and its individuals’ power to leverage story as a core business development strategy. We start with one key concept…

It’s not about content, it’s about STORY.

During the CRAFTING stage of story development it’s easy to become encumbered with the data and information that you want to share. This mentality is the greatest disconnect between the development of story and traditional marketing and sales. Great stories don’t rely on data points to hit the mark, they’re organic and create a connection that exists on a deeper level, an emotional level, and drives not only loyalty but advocacy.

The future holds nothing but challenges for the television entertainment industry with barriers being pushed and new ideas creating new levels of risk. Staying put is the same as staying behind. It’s simple, craft and tell a better story and watch the business flock your way.

“Be prepared to fail when aiming higher than when playing it safe.” Kevin Spacey