CMO Club Denver Chapter Dinner Recap


Led by Manny Rodriguez, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at UC Health

 Key Takeaways


  • They are generally labeled as Millennials –and contrary to some opinions they can be very focused and hard working. However, they want to know that what they are doing has meaning and a higher purpose.
  • You need to challenge them. They want those challenges. Give them stretch goals, even goals a little higher than their current abilities, and then mentor them into successfully reaching those goals.
  • One idea is to have more HR on your team to touch base more often. They want to know someone cares about them. They have seen their parents go through the recession of 2008, where loyal workers suddenly lost their jobs after years of devoted service.
  • Don’t be shocked when you see a resume that has a different job every two years. Many are focused on upward movement – for both financial and aspirational reasons. Considering that, some companies are adding different levels for them to attain, such as Manager to Sr. Manager to Asst. Director to Director to Sr. Director to Asst. VP to V.P. to Sr. VP to EVP, etc.
  • They are used to multi-tasking. Sometimes you have to encourage focus. “The deadline is in two days – how are we going to accomplish this?”
  • Celebrate the little wins. Many were raised with trophies for 12thplace. Celebrate both the little wins and the big wins with positive reinforcement for both along the way.
  • Some Millennials do have a sense of entitlement. When presented with a raise they may ask “Is this negotiable?” They have been brought up with “if you don’t ask, you won’t get.”
  • Give more frequent reviews. Share your experiences with constructive criticism and how it has helped you personally in your career. Then you can present them with their “learning moment” of constructive criticism.
  • Employers are losing traditional control mechanisms. The rigid “punch the clock” and “you are on 24/7” will not work with this generation. However, if you establish the guidelines at the very beginning you can help guide them into the desired actions.