Mistakes CMOs Make When Leading Transformation:

Top Things to Avoid

  • Doing too many one-off digital projects not directly tied to your overall business transformation strategy. Low-hanging fruit may not lead to the transformational success that you need.
  • Assuming your employees are correctly aligned to achieve what’s best for the transformation. The process can take multiple years, but team incentives tied to current-year success works well. Employees will usually focus on what gets them the most dollars in that year.
  • Focusing on the current things you are doing in slightly different way verses changing the way you are thinking. Thinking differently than before achieves transformation success.
  • Assigning your current teams to lead transformation without any outside help, or, assuming “transformational” groups alone can lead to success. You will need a smart blend of experts with a thorough understanding of what your customers want with outside transformational thinkers, working together to transform.
  • Thinking data analytics experts alone will lead the transformation strategy. Business experts and data experts working together will be most successful in leading to transformation.
  • Assuming business transformation means digital transformation. Digital plays a vital role, but they are not the same. Transform your business and leverage new approaches to digital for real success.
  • Hiring bright people from your industry as the best course of action to lead transformational change. Change agents from outside your sector working alongside industry insiders will be more effective in the long term.
  • Taking too long to make critical transformational decisions. Agile decisions, rapid learning, and quick reactions are much more useful than extended analysis and decision timeframes.