10 CMO “Go To” Tips Frameworks for Success

The Philadelphia Chapter discussed frameworks for success at their last dinner and roundtable.  Here are the top 10 tips they came up with:

1) Progress trumps Perfection. 80% of the things you do only need 80% perfection. Only 20% need 100%. 

2) If Disney ran your customer engagement, how would they do it? That’s how you should do it. 

3) To be successful you must clearly define what “win” actually means. Then you can plan to “win” and have a clearly defined understanding of success or failure. 

4) Data doesn’t make decisions, people do. Leverage data to help you make better decisions not look to data for all the answers. 

5) Data is most valuable when the right questions are asked. The CMO’s job includes asking the right questions. 

6) Never forget that your marketing decisions can impact hundreds of your employees and stakeholders. Think carefully about the impact of your decisions. 

7) It’s impossible to have a rational conversation with an emotional person. Think about your customer’s state of mind when engaging with them. 

8) Trust is earned through a many small moments that make up the whole. Think about this when designing campaigns and engagement programs. 

9) What do you want your brand to be known for? Be able to answer this question. 

10) “Sizzle Reels” work. They get your customers excited about your brand.