Key Takeaways from Portland

Getting Closer to Your Buyers/Users and Creating Unique Brand Experiences Using Engagement Data, led by Chris Murphy, Senior Director, Digital Activation at Adidas.


  • Acquisition of customer data is climbing up on the list of priorities with email still being the most sought-after data.
  • Who is your shopper is more important than who is your consumer – Example- The children want the shoes, but it is the mother with the money that does the shopping.
  • Gather your first-party data, team up with partners and their data, compile it and search for “look-a-likes.”
  • The best way for a retail CMO to gather customer email addresses is to incentivize the employees/store level to gather the info. Rather than relying on the retail silo, Marketing could and should work up a program to incentivize the employees. Example- the regional manager will take the whole store out to dinner if that store gathers more emails than any other store in the region.
  • Fewer and fewer Millennials are checking email.  The Text is becoming the new “inbox” – how many unread text messages do you have?
  • The newest and hottest messaging app is Telegram Messenger – encrypted and uses blockchain.
  • Random pointer of the night – Powered laundry detergent is much better than liquid laundry detergent.