Becky Schroeder, Vice President of Marketing at Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC)
Becky Schroeder, Vice President of Marketing at Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC)

This week, we‰Ûªre turning our CMO Spotlight ontoåÊBecky Schroeder,åÊVice President of Marketing atåÊInsurance Technologies CorporationåÊ(ITC).

1. What was your first (or favorite) job you‰Ûªve had? åÊ

I was a barista at Starbucks during and after graduate school. There were times when I definitely didn‰Ûªt love it, but I also had so much fun in that job. I worked at the busiest store in New England and relished in the challenge of keeping the line moving so that, even when it was out the door and wrapped around the patio, people were getting their coffee and on their way to work quicker than they expected.

2. What are the 3 most important components for your personal and professional success?

  1. A commitment to learning.
  2. A passion for hard work and a job well done.
  3. Grit and persistence for continual improvement.

3. Name an ‰ÛÏinflection point‰Û experience that prepared you for your current position.

I have tried to think of one experience that I can confidently say prepared me for Head of Marketing at ITC, but I don‰Ûªt think there is just one. Everything I have done, every decision I have made (or not made) in my career has led me here and prepared me for the challenges,åÊresponsibilitiesåÊand tasks I face each day. Considering how the [marketing]åÊrole has changed and shifted over the years, you could even say the job when I first started was preparing me for what it is today.

4. What characteristics do you value most when hiring new marketing talent for your team?

It depends on the specific position but, overall, I look for people who are going to treat it as more than a job. People who are going to look around them with a curiosity from time to time and be inspired to apply what they see to what we do.

5. What technology are you looking forward to using or implementing for your brand in the next six months?

We recently launched our marketing automation for the first time. It has been a big undertaking and I‰Ûªm excited to see the impact it will have on our business.

6. Which book would you recommend to your fellow CMO Club members right now?

Grit: The Power of Passion and PerseveranceåÊby Angela Duckworth.

We place so much emphasis on talent and whether we are born with the ability to be great at something. But what is often overlooked is the work put in. Duckworth did aåÊTED talkåÊon grit. After watching it and then listening to a podcast that she was a guest speaker on, I read her book. It was a good reminder that hard work and perseverance is as important, if not more, than raw talent.

7. Name one Head of Marketing who impresses you today and tell us why.åÊ

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs. She‰Ûªs incredibly passionate and extremely smart. I admire her way with words and how she inspires excellence in others – including myself.

8. Do you have a personal mantra, words of wisdom or favorite inspirational quote?

I have two:

  1. Anything worth having in life doesn‰Ûªt come easy. You have to work at it.
  2. Swim through the wall. (This one comes from my high school swim coach. He would tell us to not slow down before we hit the wall. I still think of it often to remind myself to not slow down on a project or goal until it‰Ûªs done.)