Are you ever curious to know what’s on the bookshelves of your fellow marketers? So are we.

That’s why we’ve been asking around, and The CMO Club members have been happy to share some of their all-time favorite books in the realm of personal success, career development and/or specific marketing challenges. Here are three of the titles that were recommended at a recent New York Chapter Dinner and Roundtable Discussion:

Why Some Predictions FailThe “prediction paradox:” the idea that the more humility we have about our ability to make predictions, the more accurate they actually become. Silver has spent his entire professional career studying and making predictions – with near perfect accuracy. In his new book, he explores the world of probability and uncertainty, trying to separate the truth from data.

Read it if…you want to learn how you can decipher a likely prediction from a cluster of noisy opinions, understanding how best to plan for the future.


The Art of the PitchGreat marketers know how important a brand’s story is. And Coughter knows that any good story starts with the presentation. Written from the perspective of an advertising executive, this book outlines the characteristics of a high-level presentation, complete with examples and insights from other top presenters.

Read it if…you want to take your presentations to the next level, or teach your team members how to become great at persuading an audience to take action.


The Hard Thing About Hard ThingsRunning a business is really hard work. That’s a reality many of us know, but not too many people are talking about. In this book, Horowitz fearlessly forges on, sharing advice about hiring and firing, managing a team, having a leadership mentality and so much more – all with a conversational humor that keeps you entertained.

Read it if…you want a book about business that cuts right to the chase, imparting years of management advice and delivering on hard lessons that you (thankfully) don’t have to learn yourself.


If you missed our last post about what CMOs are reading – here’s some of the titles we’ve featured in the past: