Last month, I wrote a blog post about three CMOs and the amazing work they are doing in local communities across the globe. From battling Sub-Saharan illiteracy to introducing renewable energy options in Southern California, there are no limits to the positive impact our members can make.

Feeling inspired, I wanted to highlight three more CMO Club Members that are changing the world, as individuals and as brand marketers with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility:

  1. Kieran Hannon, CMO of Belkin International (Los Angeles Chapter)

Hannon and WEMO (Belkin’s line of smart home automation products) recently made a splash at CES – Hannon as the event’s 7th Top Influencer, and WEMO as a disruptor in its category for effective storytelling and brand building. But that’s not all: Hannon was also recognized by Forbes as “one of the most influential CMOs on Twitter.”

Outside of driving innovation in the tech realm, Belkin is dedicated to making a positive impact in its local community, too. Working with CFY-LA, Habitat for Humanity and Teach for America, the company has helped create learning platforms, education fellowships and housing for low-income families and children in the Los Angeles area.

  1. Jon Iwata, SVP of Marketing and Communications at IBM (New York City Chapter)

Iwata was inducted into the CMO Club Hall of Fame in 2015 for his outstanding leadership in marketing innovation, as well as the impact he has made on his company and the marketing profession. Amongst his list of achievements, are the marketing efforts he led for Watson, IBM’s breakthrough data technology that is bringing AI to the healthcare, retail, finance, and education industries.

Leading as an example for corporate responsibility, IBM and Iwata help improve important societal issues like economic development, environmental preservation, literacy and health. Spanning multiple continents, IBM’s On Demand Community helps connect more than 17,000 employees and retirees to volunteer efforts that improve their local communities.

  1. Lisa Woodard, CMO of Transamerica Brokerage (Dallas Chapter)

A strong advocate for elevating other marketers via peer networking, Woodard was a 2015 recipient of The CMO President’s Circle Award for her dedication toward fostering peer-based conversations amongst members.

She takes her dedication to marketers one step further with The Prison Entrepreneurship Program. An active volunteer since 2009, Woodard personally helps adult male inmates launch their own businesses by visiting them in prison and acting as a mentor during the planning and start-up stages. Woodard admits that it’s a nontraditional approach to a very rewarding result – seeing inmates successfully navigate through the difficult re-entry phase.  To date, the organization has helped inmate entrepreneurs launch 185 thriving businesses.

Next month, I’m sharing three more CMOs that are inspiring change in the world, so stay tuned. In the meantime, feel free to share with me any members that are doing stand-out work in their companies, communities or industries.