Recently, we asked CMO Club Members, “Who is CMO or Head of Marketing who impresses you today and why?”  We received a variety of answers highlighting marketing’s best and brightest and the creative and innovative ways they are leading the future of marketing. Here is a roundup of their answers.

Manny Rodriguez, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer, UCHealth:

“I don’t know if there is one particular person, but there are a few brands I really admire. John Lewis is amazing. Each year, they come up with an amazing and inspiring Holiday ad campaign that is focused on eliciting emotions rather than selling. What is more outstanding, though, is that they strive to outdo themselves from the previous year and that, each year, they always manage to do just that.

I’m also very impressed by what Under Armour has been able to do in such a short period of time.”




Jennifer Francis, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at The Philadelphia Museum of Art:

“I have four: Priscilla Brown, CMO of AXA Insurance, Leontyne Green Sykes, CMO of IKEA, Denice Hasty, CMO of Comcast, and Cynthia Archer of Sunoco.

All four are powerhouse women, and I didn’t mean to choose them just because of that. They’ve done tremendously well at going into their companies and turning around the market, increasing market shares and business for their brands. All of these women are focused, strong, committed, and humble. Within my sector, I would also need to mention my colleagues at The Met, Chicago Institute of Art, and MoMA.”



Evan Greene, Chief Brand Steward at The Recording Academy:

Richard Marnell – The work he and his team are doing has re-defined Viking River Cruises and really made them top-of-mind for a far bigger audience.”





Laston Charriez, Chief Product Officer, Denver Mattress:

I really admire Rob Lynch, CMO at Arby’s. He reinvented the brand completely and expanded the portfolio, and in the process, saved a great brand that was dying.






Trish Mueller, Recent CMO, The Home Depot:

I deeply respect Jim Farley because he weathered the downturn at Ford, came out the other side of it wiser and with a stronger brand, he has become a global leader in Europe, and he has continued to grow himself and the brand through innovation and good, old fashioned hard work.





Jerome Nadel, CMO at Rambus:

Tim Brown, CEO and Whitney Mortimer, CMO, of IDEO have a great playground around marketing and understand the value of design thinking. Their approach is really about leveraging stories of concrete success with wacky techniques. By being their quirky and creative selves, they are encouraging people to embrace fringe thinking, thereby making it more mainstream. You can re-envision anything if you allow yourself to.”



Susan Lintonsmith, President and CEO at Quiznos:

“It is hard to narrow it down to one person since there are so many amazing CMOs out there! However, if I have to pick one, I’ll pick Dick Lynch. He is currently Chief Brand Experience Officer at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. I have only talked with Dick on the phone when checking references on a branding and design agency that he used. He was very nice and helpful.

I’m selecting Dick because I am really impressed with what he and his team have done to turn around the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen brand and business. This is a brand that has been around since 1972 and is in a very competitive and cluttered category. My understanding is that around 2007 (before he started), the business was not doing well with guest visits in decline, negative profits and a very low stock price. Dick started in early 2008 and under the leadership of the relatively new CEO Cheryl Bachelder (a fellow Indiana University MBA graduate), Dick has led an amazing repositioning project that has refocused on the brand’s Louisiana heritage, spice and home cooking. He launched a new advertising campaign, a new spokesperson (Annie), and led a store redesign – all of which have differentiated and positioned the brand for growth and success. I think the stock price speaks to the success of the company’s initiatives – it’s been on the rise for at least the past five years!”

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