Posted on B2B Marketing Insider September 2014

Last week at content marketing world, I was asked to moderate a panel with two very distinguished experts in the content marketing space.

The panelists were Mark Schaefer and Marcus Sheridan. And our session was titled “Is The Death Of Content Marketing Imminent?”

So first, the context. On January 6th, Mark Schaefer wrote a post on his popular {Grow} site called “Content Shock: Why Content Marketing Is Not A Sustainable Strategy.” He used his theory to support the statement that content marketing isn’t sustainable. And predictably, that got a few people worked up.

So let’s give Mark some credit. The post was shared thousands of times, generated hundreds of comments, and follow-up posts (you can now add this one). And was widely discussed in certain content marketing circles (see more on that below) from that point forward.

One of the articles in response, was Marcus Sheridan’s “The Big Flaw With Content Shock” published a couple of weeks later.

And that set up the showdown we had on the stage last week. To be fair, Mark and Marcus are good friends and the exchange was entirely respectful.

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