Context and Customers: Marketing’s New Frontier is Here

A CMO Solution Guide in partnership with Selligent

Technology has forever changed how we communicate with and engage consumers. But, while it has increased our opportunity as marketers, it has also increased consumer expectations. Consumers now expect marketers to communicate with them within the specific context of each interaction. That’s much easier said than done. The CMO Club, in partnership with Selligent, conducted nine in-depth discussions and surveyed more than 100 CMO Club members to understand how marketers are embracing this new reality.

Throughout the study, we found that senior marketers wanted to gain more knowledge of their customers, yet marketers tended to focus on easy-to-access data that only scratches the surface of who their customer really is.

So what’s holding everyone back?

Data, Technology, and Fear

Marketers point to several very significant issues blocking their embrace of a contextual approach to marketing. The most-cited culprit is technology that doesn’t enable contextual marketing; another top reason was that data is too siloed to act upon.

The Solution:

The right approach to contextual relevance puts the customer first and learn how to LUV your customers.

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