Comments from Siobhan Feeney, Nestle ROLO, UK

Cheeky humor and the UK go together.  When UK Nestle ROLO brand wanted to reinvigorate consumer love and attention of the ROLO brand, they used a humor-filled, creative approach.  Cheeky humor, when paired with the iconic brand ROLO, delivers a novel and stand-out way to garner more attention, be memorable and win the hearts and minds of consumers. MOFILM created five videos for Nestle ROLO, UK, based on the premise, “do you love anyone enough to give them your last ROLO?”.  Here is the Apollo version with comments from Siobhan Feeney who worked with MOFILM to mastermind the series which started in the UK and has gone global — with crazy good success.

[youtube id=”C3rrY0XuKCA”]

The story from Siobhan Feeney:

The reason the project was initiated:

Launched over 70 years ago ROLO is one of the most iconic, well-loved confectionery brands in the UK. We recognized that the “do you love anyone enough to give them your last ROLO?” message still strongly resonated so wanted to bring the brand, and its association with love and cheeky humour, back to the forefront of our consumers’ minds. Working with MOFILM enabled us to produce a wide variety of fantastic content that tapped into the different emotions of many consumers.

Why you chose the film you did:

We were extremely impressed with the quality of all the films that were produced but felt Apollo particularly played strongly against the current tone of the brand (humour with romance) and the play on “do you love anyone enough” was strong in this execution. The quality of the Apollo film and visual effects were exceptional providing us with confidence that it would stand out in any placement/media. Finally, both the idea and the execution of the film were very original and creative in the context of a brand.

How you have used the spot:

So far, we have used all 5 ROLO films in a digital campaign on YouTube. Due to the engaging nature of the content and the common link between all the videos, we felt YouTube was a great platform to share the varied films in which both our current consumers and a younger demographic could interact with all of the videos. Although this content was initially created for the UK, it has been shared globally across Nestlé as best in class content and there is a lot of interest from other markets.

Customer feedback: 

We’ve had lots of fantastic feedback from customers and lots of spots on ‘ad of the week’/’campaign spotlight etc. Below are a few tweets and quotes (about all videos):

“@finelineruthin: we love the new rolo ad, back on form…hilarious! To The Moon and Back – #LastRolo:  via @YouTube”

“‏@SRevington: Awesome:@Nestle brings back classic “Last Rolo” strap in new series of online ads:  #advertising #marketing #LastRolo”

“@WickWonder: The latest Rolo advert is hilarious!  #LastRolo”

“thefelixclarke: Loving the #LastRolo campaign. I would never give mine away. No way. … @Nestle”

‏”@StefAmini: A new spin on the classic rolo ads…and its hilarious! #LastRolo

Kathy Cunningham: “You gotta love Rolo’s but I love this commercial even more! It is hilarious and so well done!”

MOFILM NOTE: The high caliber of talent and creative diversity made choosing the #LastRolo video contest winner incredibly difficult. “Office Hottie” from filmmaker Sean Cunningham was a close runner-up:

[youtube id=”CzuSexR5B54″]

For more information on the work of MOFILM please contact Sarah Bixler