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  1. What is Omnichannel Personalization and Why Do It?
  2. How to Engage Customers:  Talk Listen Act
  3. Critical Enablers – How to Get it Done
  4. Keys to Success for Customer Experience

by Nadine Dietz

Underneath “Omnichannel Personalization” are critical enablers for Marketers to provide clarity, efficiency and effectiveness in converting each customer touchpoint into a meaningful customer experience. And they all work together. Like spokes of a wheel, the wheel will still turn without one or two, or even a bent spoke, but it won’t be turning at optimum speed and stability.

The most critical of them all is the center of the wheel…that 360 degree view of the customer that brings together all relevant and meaningful data points to drive your customer engagement efforts in the right direction. Some of that data is readily available, other data requires an active search through “big data” with the guiding hand of a data scientist, some of it has yet to be defined as we move into both unstructured and “emotional” data. But even if you don’t have everything you’d want, the other spokes of the wheel can support as you build out your capabilities and customer knowledge: dynamic segmentation, optimization engines, a customer engagement plan and a process for continuous improvement.

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