by Tamara McCleary, RelationShift

In an age of unprecedented technology, change and instantaneous communications it is becoming ever more challenging for Chief Marketing Officers to keep up with all of the new channels for distributing a brand’s message. From Twitter to Facebook, Instagram to Vine, Vimeo to YouTube and 100’s of social media channels available at our fingertips, how does an organization make strategic and day-to-day decisions on the delivery of messaging to an increasingly digitally social population?

Let’s look at three 20-something, socially savvy YouTube starts who are incredible role models to help answer this important question. 

At the recent CMO Club Summit in Beverly Hills, California, The CMO Club President, Pete Krainik, interviewed three YouTube Sensations, who are knocking it out of the park through redefining what it means to grow and market to an audience in the relationship age.

Evelina Barry, Meghan Camarena and Joey Graceffa, are the social media celebrities that nailed it with their powerful and timely message to the CMOs in attendance at the Summit. It was positively delicious to observe three very young people on-stage eloquently and succinctly drive home a message of unvarnished truth to an audience of seasoned C-level professionals, many with Ivy League degrees managing marketing for global industry leaders vying for world domination. (That last part might have been a slight embellishment placed for impact and entertainment.)

In fact, I think a lot of us in attendance at The CMO Club Summit were stunned with the level of discernment and depth that these young YouTube influencers delivered that we’re going in more! I will be conducting a series of in-depth interviews with all three of these brilliant young minds and mining out their experience and wisdom with respect to marketing to the up-and-coming millennials. Stay tuned for these interviews and upcoming articles to be posted right here on the Social Marketing page!

But wait! There’s more! Until those interviews are completed, here are a three teaser tips just to whet your whistle.

Three salient points our YouTube stars shared with you, the CMO, as you are evaluating current and/or future social media marketing for your brand, take pause

Tip 1: Trust the Messenger

Your organization may have incredibly successful television and print campaigns, but when you hire a social media star to represent your brand, give careful consideration to that star and how they want to share your marketing message. You are hiring the influencer specifically for their experience in delivering content to their audience, so trust them to know best how to do deliver your message to an already well-developed audience expecting the “flavor” of the social media personality to remain congruent with their previous style.

[youtube id=”UBTnl1WgKZY&list=PLDLAggNcv3rlhSIcuQLDtOrbVuHWtnYU6″]

Tip 2: Build Relationships, Broadcasting is Dead

Today’s customers expect to build a relationship with you and vice-versa. Gone are the days when you could simply wow an audience with a compelling message, instead the buyers of today, particularly millennials, expect you to build a rapport and conversation with them. If you have 500,000 twitter followers and you only follow 50 back, don’t be surprised if those 500,000 aren’t very engaged with your message. It’s all about engagement. ROI in social media is experienced through the vehicle of relationship.

Tip 3: The Rules of Marketing are Changing

No matter how successful you have been in the past, the present and future of marketing is changing. As new delivery channels are added, it is imperative marketing professionals learn the rules for content delivery and conversation. Each channel is different, and your presence there can be akin to stepping into another country. Do you speak the language? Do you possess a passport? Are you seen as a native or just a tourist?

[youtube id=”Ld06P3LokxA”]

This is going to get juicy as I drip out a series of Social Marketing articles through in-depth interviews I’ll be conducting with our aforementioned YouTube Sensations as well as other celebrities crushing it on various social media platforms.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been rocking your C-suite, we all know the landscape is changing every second as we race to keep up with shifting technology. Our best marketing, as well as, sales conversion and customer retention strategies are achieved by keeping things fresh, vibrant and alive!

Watch the full panel with these three incredible stars!

​[youtube id=”pyfPLffjKUA&list=PLDLAggNcv3rlhSIcuQLDtOrbVuHWtnYU6″]

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