A couple years ago, I wrote a piece for Forbes.com called “To Connect with CMOs, Stop Selling and Start Helping.” It was about how agencies, PR firms and marketing vendors can best communicate and build relationships with CMOs. I wanted to share it with Clubhouse members, because those words are even more true today as they were then given the explosion of content marketing, new technologies and social media.

CMOs are very busy and always under extreme pressure to continually lead growth, increase ROI and stay on top of the latest trends. Time is a precious commodity.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a lot less people coming to you with dollar signs in their eyes and instead were offering some help? Actually building meaningful relationships?

I have an idea. Share this article with your network – let them know how best to connect and build a relationship with you. In the meantime, here are my 8 ways to effectively communicate and build relationships with CMOs:

  1. Don’t bait & switch
  2. Understand their difficulties
  3. Show proven ROI
  4. Educate them and offer to keep them UTD on social, etc
  5. Leverage your customer base to introduce them to other CMOs and talent
  6. Don’t promise everything, identify a specific problem and solution
  7. Think CMO-worthy, always strategic and new
  8. Continue your relationship with them between gigs

They’ve already heard the elevator pitches, it’s time to leave sales mode and actually build that relationship everyone talks about creating.

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