Synopsis: How do you cultivate innovative ideas that consistently get big results? For CMO’s it’s crucial to be the dynamic, genius leader who knows how. After interviewing leading marketers, five behavior patterns – with “how-to” ideas and examples — were identified as the underpinnings of marketing genius.

This article overviews the five patterns of marketing genius. There are five additional articles in the series, each focused on one of the five patterns in a quick why, what, how format with a real-world example meant to provide actionable ideas to help enhance your own marketing genius.

This article is part of a series covering excerpts from Unlocking The Five Patterns of Marketing Genius

  1. Unlocking The Five Patterns Of Marketing Genius (Overview)
  2. Construct Customer-Centricity
  3. Gel Goals and Hone Focus
  4. Cultivate a Creative Culture
  5. Play Polite Politics
  6. Magnify Marketing Mindset

Unlocking The Five Patterns of Marketing Genius

by Sandra Zoratti, inspired by Taryn Voget

What do each of these patterns mean and how do you develop competence in each one?  Here’s an overview to start.  Click on the pattern name to see the more in-depth article for that pattern or go to the original report for an extensive deep dive.

We’d love to hear your ideas and comments on the why, what, how and specific ideas attached to each pattern article.   Click and the floor is yours….

Construct Customer -Centricity Customers first.  Marketing genius requires that you put your customers at the heart of everything you do.  Knowing your customers on an intimate, deep level by walking a mile in their shoes before taking action is the hallmark of extraordinary marketing.
Gel Goals and Hone Focus Having crystal clear goals and removing distractions to focus on those goals is well-documented as the common thread of successful individuals.  Creating specific, measurable and time-bound goals (SMART) is truly smart.
Cultivate a Creative Culture Breakthrough, innovative ideas depend on an environment that creates space and safety for creativity to flourish.  Genius CMO’s spend time to craft a culture of creativity so that big ideas can be born and blossom into amazing results.
Play Polite Politics Once the big ideas are born, getting internal (and external) buy-in is essential – and typically not easy.  Opposition occurs.  Knowing how to manage the process of politics and gaining support is often the life-or-death of an innovative, breakthrough idea.
Magnify Marketing Mindset Taking a big idea and magnifying its’ potential impact can be a life-defining moment.  Finding inflection points and maximizing their significance is a marketing genius’ holy grail.  Knowing how to leverage communities, build excitement and magnify the mindset of marketing is the linchpin.