A recommended read by fellow members of The CMO Club, Digital and Media Predictions from Millward Brown provides quick and easy takeaways across 12 key trends…


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Screen Agnosticism Video becomes a fluid medium Audiences will consume video by whichever means is most convenient. Content is king and the screen is simply the most convenient window through which to view it Find out how your target audience consume video across screens and plan against that.
Micro-Video Multiplies Short Videos Vine – popularized formatInstagram – massive user baseTumblr Gifs – extreme resurgence in popularity Engagement: Micro-videos are shared 4x more than traditional online videos. Actively explore experimental micro-video opportunities, learn from early-adopter brands.
Wearable Screens Think Watches & Google Glass Health & fitness bringing this market mainstream – Prepare for Smartwatch explosion. Limitless applications across verticals. Consider whether a wearable presence is a good opportunity for your brand to build a meaningful point of differentiation.
Multi-Screen Big Data Interactive screens located… everywhere Taxis, airplanes, billboards, ATM machines, video games. Effective: Adding social, local, mobile and highly personal component to our consumption of messages on screen. Investigate how emerging multi-screen datasets can improve your marketing effectiveness research.
Screen Minimalism Delivers Tranquility Information overload demands simplicity to capture waning attention spans Be direct and on-point for success. We take 1/20 of a second to make decisions on the appeal of digital stimuli. Review whether your brand’s advertising aesthetic is appropriate for a multi-screen world.
Multi-Screen Advertising Ads on Multiple Devices:“Meshing”: related / simultaneous“Stacking”: unrelated / simultaneous“Shifting”: related / sequentially Connect the dots of the user experience. Think of linking TV (cooking show) to online search for recipe (online ads target what you just watched) The possibilities are limitless. Assess the multi-screen media consumption of your target consumers & tailor marketing to best exploit behaviors.
Linking Insights Omnichannel In Action: Channel Insights + Multi-Screen Insights Market intelligence vendors are standardizing, aligning, and integrating measurement systems and metrics. Consumers move seamlessly across channels. Businesses can now set up systems to optimize experience. Embrace integrated insight rather than treating data from digital screens as a separate silo.
Social TV Social media interacting with TV content – Twitter has defined social TV The data link between TV & Social/Twitter defines like-minded communities organized on viewing habits. Result: Sophisticated psychographic targeting. TV marketing -> part of audience lifestyle. Align TV media buying with Twitter promotional efforts to maximize your social TV audience.
Smartphones Smartphones are the only screen that counts for the connected youth of today Innovation: Youth do the bulk of their living, learning and buying on smartphones & youth brands will lead the way with seamless multi-screen experience. When brands “befriend” their consumer, they create loyal brand ambassadors who endorse & broadcast their choice. Youth brands: adopt mobile-first marketing with heavy social emphasis. Innovative, nimble & fashion-focused.
Video Budgets shift to multi-screen Getting “high-enough” video quality across multi-screens. Example: By transferring 40% of TV budget to other screens increased reach by 20% & reduced investment by 30%. ROI: Budget allocation across screens will increase ROI. Use new planning and effectiveness tools to inform your transition from TV to multi-screen.
Digital Outdoor Blows up the idea of a simple screen What is the screen of the future? The possibilities are limitless. *Read complete article to envision the future. Consider clothing with flexible LED thread & processors to capture data & influence (Nike) Think creatively about the evolving digital outdoor landscape & it’s potential to deliver powerful “firsts”
Omnichannel Beyond the screen to truly integrated multi-channel strategies at all touch points. 40% of campaign impacts derive from multi-channel synergies. 1+1=3 multiplier. Marketers who think beyond the screen will be the big winners in the near future. Consider the role your muli-screen media plays in the overall channel mix. Life is not all screens.