Major shifts in technology and buyer behavior have caused a complete disruption in marketing.  A new breed of marketer has emerged — The Growth CMO — who is required to drive profitable growth in clear, measurable ways. The brand-based attributes that earned CMOs their position are not sufficient to generate business growth. A recent study with over 150 CMOs conducted by SAP, The CMO Club and Human 1.0, reveals a four dimensional approach that shapes the DNA of a Growth CMO.   A clear roadmap exists to help CMO transition and seize the opportunity that is marketing today:  To drive profitable growth and become the lynchpin of an organization’s success.  Read on to learn more about the DNA dimensions on which marketing leaders need to focus.

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This report is one of a multi-part series about the DNA of a Growth CMO and the four DNA dimensions that most significantly shape a Growth CMO. You can access each part of the series by clicking on the links provided below:

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