Camila Casale
Camila Casale, CMO of US & Canada at Softtek
Emmanuel Laroche, VP Marketing at Symrise
Emmanuel Laroche, VP Marketing at Symrise

By Camila Casale, CMO of US & Canada Softtek and Emmanuel Laroche, VP Marketing & Consumer Insights at Symrise

One of the biggest challenges B2B CMOs face today is continuously shrinking budgets – which affects everything from simple everyday tasks to long-term goals.

As B2B CMOs ourselves, we decided to work together with a group of fellow B2B marketers at the recent CMO Club Innovation & Inspiration Summit in New York to put together an extensive list of tools that are designed for the budget conscious marketer. We hope that you’ll find each one of them gives you bang for your marketing buck!

These tools were discussed, dissected and collected by top CMOs so they have the CMO Club seal of approval:

For Lead Generation, Nurturing and Growth:

DiscoverOrg: Accelerate lead generation, close more deals and sharpen your recruiting strategies with prospect intelligence beautifully organized in one tool. DiscoverOrg boasts 20% increase in qualified lead reach and 50% decrease in research time. For B2B marketing, reduced research time is critical to close deals faster and more frequently. It integrates with a wide network of apps and CRM systems.

Engagio: For account-based marketing projects, Engagio is a scalable and easy way to follow up on leads, leverage high value accounts, and drive more business with automated tools that also allow you to quickly measure your efforts. It integrates with your CRM, email and website data to give you everything you need to know at a glance. ABM made easy.

Influitive: Word of mouth is still one of the most effective, if not the most effective, way to get B2B leads. Influitive helps you generate more referral leads, customer references, social buzz, success stories and product reviews, which are crucial to reach today’s buyers as they increasingly rely on recommendations from knowledgeable peers.

Leadspace: A great tool that finds B2B leads analyzing contact databases, social media and your CRM, comparing people’s online presence to the unique buyer profiles you define as ideal. The best part is that it can go outside your niche and find new leads, that significantly increase conversion and help you with demand generation.

For Marketing Automation

SharpSpring: A great way to align sales and marketing, sending powerful marketing messages based on automation rules that you create. Combines blogging, emailing, lead identification and custom or your own CRM, easily integrated to a host of third party apps.

PFT Automated Print Marketing: Full integration of on demand printing into your marketing automation platform. They are a one-stop solution, providing everything from the software to the printing, mailing, and fulfillment. Perfect for print campaigns that essentially take care of themselves.

To Leverage Data and Get Insight

InsightSquare: Data driven sales forecasting. Turns CRM data into decision-quality reports and visuals prepared with their sales intelligence software, giving you and the board actionable data to work with.

Meltwater: It’s media intelligence so you can act on trends before they’re trending. Meltwater connects with influencers, helping you generate earned media from authentic conversations based on their interests. It quantifies your PR Impact and SOV to determine brand sentiment and act on it.

SpyFu: With a clean interface, SpyFu shows the keywords that your competitors are paying for in Adwords, the keywords that websites are showing up for within search results and the cost per click and search volume statistics on those keywords.

Telium: Craft and deliver unique customer experiences across all touchpoints, through data-driven content. Tealium integrates with over one thousand apps and services. Effectively manage the ever-increasing flow of customer data in one centralized hub, making it easy for teams to get the actionable information you need.

For Team Efficiency

BrandMaker: Improve a team’s efficiency and impact by maintaining brand guidelines, communicating department plans, and managing overall spend. BrandMaker provides an all-in-one marketing software that helps you and your team plan campaigns, create content and empower channel partners.

DynamicSignal: Helps you increase productivity by keeping all parties informed, connected and motivated. It takes internal communications and centralizes them in useful dashboards that allow you to keep tabs on what’s happening, while reaching team members where they are in real time. By keeping people engaged and accountable employee advocacy rises. We especially like their crisis communications tools and the fact that they’re mobile-driven.

Have you tried any of these tools before? Let us know how it went and if you have any other handy tools to add to this list.