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  1. What is Omnichannel Personalization and Why Do It?
  2. How to Engage Customers:  Talk Listen Act
  3. Critical Enablers – How to Get it Done
  4. Keys to Success for Customer Experience

Excerpt from the original CMO Solution Guide to Omnichannel Personalization:

In-store, At-home, On-the-go, through Social…they all come together to form the Customer Experience, and the key is turning the monologue into a dialogue!

Brick and mortar is still important in the increasingly digital world. Physical locations allow for brand immersion and relationship building, though identification of customers upon entry is still a challenge. To combat show-rooming and engage shoppers further, CMOs are focused on moving stores from a place to shop to a place to experience.

Brand engagement at home is also transforming from getting customers to pay attention to standard marketing materials in a deluge of mail and emails to turning their homes into another place to experience a brand. Customer journeys often start at home and it’s no longer enough to tell shoppers what to buy, you have to prove you understand their life needs.

With smartphones, everyone travels with a computer and is wired in real time. Mobile technology allows for proactive outreach to your customers on the go, but be ready to listen and respond in real time…where are they, what are they saying, what do they need, what mood are they in, which aisle are they in, have they been waiting long?

Social is everywhere and customers are taking over with everything from social shopping to group buying. Although it can seem like a ‘shiny object’ you can’t afford to ignore it; if you stand still, you are moving backward as your customers move on.

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