Stacey Fontenot, Vice President, Platform Marketing, Cvent

Events are great opportunities for face-to-face connections that facilitate conversations and help you share your brand story with current and prospective customers alike. But they are also heftier investments from a budget, resource and time perspective. Thus, quantifying, measuring and proving event success is critical to identifying how best to share results and guide future investments. The CMO Club, in thought leadership with Cvent, developed a CMO Solution Guide on Modern Event Marketing to address this key challenge and shed light on how technology-managed events are a prove-able asset vs. an expense.

The study shared in depth perspectives from six CMO Club members and revealed five key actions that help to improve how organizations measure the ROI of event marketing as well as steps needed to create more impact with face-to-face events. These included:

  • Closing the loop within your lead management system
  • Measuring both the experience and sales impact
  • Setting appropriate goals for each event
  • Establishing marketing and sales plans for each event
  • Delivering a meaningful experience for prospects and customers

You can download the CMO Solution Guide here.

Our joint research is further supported by additional content published by the Aberdeen Group, which shares the advantages of using event technology to enhance marketing performance. Aberdeen’s study shows that the adoption of event management technology for marketing has more than doubled. Why? Because it’s working!

Event marketing technology:
– Generates an average 66% return on marketing investment
– Shortens the buyer’s journey 5.3% year over year.
– Produces a 9.9% increase in marketing’s contribution to revenue year over year.

Inviting Better Marketing Performance with Event Technology.

For CMOs who see the value of leveraging event marketing technology, but need a roadmap for success, the research also gives seven actionable steps they can take to win investments in event marketing technology. To get all the insights, read Making Marketing’s Case: Profitable Events Powered by Technology.