The CMO Club, in partnership with MediaMath, recently published Evolving Your Agency Partnership Model to Drive Programmatic Success, a research brief that delves into managing the partnership between brands, agencies and technology providers. Here, we share some of the takeaways discovered after surveying over 70 top marketing executives, including: 

  • What your fellow CMOs crave in a changing programmatic landscape
  • The importance of transparency and goal alignment in managing relationships
  • Steps you can take to get more out of agency/tech partnerships (hint: it’s all in the numbers)
  • How agencies can bolster offerings and add value for brands

Programmatic is the new paradigm, while leveraging real-time data to optimize processes and create contextual messaging to consumers isn’t just an opportunity, but an expectation in today’s marketing landscape. As metrics allow every budget expenditure to be ever more scrutinized, CMOs said they require a deeper command of brand data, insights and technology.

But with 62% of respondents accessing and managing at least part of their data in-house, where does that leave agencies?

CMOs said they still value their agency relationships, with 68% of those surveyed expressing that adding a technology partner to their agency relationship would help maximize their marketing ROI even more.

CLICK HERE to download the full brief.