By Tamara McCleary, Creator of RelationSHIFT

Most people are attracted to the idea of “Life Balance” because our modern lives can seem out of control and a human sacrifice upon the altar of busy. We want to feel we are living our best life, but for many of us, we have a sense we aren’t, and to our skeptical sensibilities, this “best life” feels to be an illusion.

Work-Life Balance does not exist because we simply cannot split our life into two compartments; Work and Life. We are whole beings and as whole beings our work is also our life and our life is also our work. It’s a package deal. Parents in particular will understand precisely what I mean by personal life being work too. It’s a whole, not a part. Our experience in a 24 hour period is our experience…this is our life. We can’t say, “I will spend 50% of my time on work and 50% with my family.” Life does not exist on a giant scale where we weigh out what we did with our day and then feel guilty for the side that seems lighter than the other. We can’t entirely separate out our time like this. It’s impossible. So if we aren’t striving for balance, what are we striving for? Satisfaction.

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