At the CMO Club Fall Innovation and Inspiration Summit, Ryan Linders, VP of CRM and Loyalty at Sally Beauty, and Lisa Collings, VP of Client Development at Conversant led a lively discussion about personalizing a brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Conversant, a company that specializes in connecting brands to millions of people, focuses on making those connections one at a time. So, who better than Collings to discuss personalization?

One topic she addressed was display marketing.

To summarize, it’s time to dump your one-size-fits all campaigns – and we aren’t just talking about doing some A-B testing. Today’s consumers demand a much more personalized approach that shows you really understand who they are.

For example, your brand can have personalized conversations with each customer, rather than treating all lapsed buyers the same. This means effectively having a conversation with an in-store buyer of products for frizzy hair, while having a completely different conversation with an on-line shopper that is looking for nail care products.

By leveraging the existing consumer profiles and first-party data that’s already in your company’s CRM database, you can tap into a gold mine of information. Your brand can hone in on individuals and their interests, leveraging personalization to have one-to-one conversations at scale, which ultimately drive more interest, loyalty, and purchases from your customers.

So, how does Sally Beauty get one-to-one with their customers?

Linders said it’s a lot a research and numbers: Looking at the customer’s transaction history and aligning it with their unique profile.

His team uses this data to determine which customer touch-points are the most valuable, and which media vehicle is best for getting their message in front of the consumer.

As Linders suggested, the media vehicle is a very important component in delivering content to your audiences. Beyond personalizing the content, remember to optimize each piece within the platform you are using. This will help create a personalized and cohesive – but not identical – campaign across all digital platforms and touch points.

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