by Sandra Zoratti

The things that connect us, can also disconnect us.  As human beings, we want love, acceptance and connectedness.  Using our personal digital technology sometimes constrains us from those very things such as family time, freedom and being present in the current moment.  Managing the details of everyday life and worries like “Did I leave my automatic garage door open?” is further disruptive and stressful.

It is exactly these realities of life that motivated Kieran Hannon, CMO of Belkin International, which operates the WEMO brand, and his team to build a compelling, life-enriching story around technology solutions that liberate us from, well, technology.

Enter WEMO

WEMO’s story is told beautifully and powerfully in this short video clip:

[youtube id=”CqWI-sttIP8″]

From Cold To Hot

WEMO is an Internet of Things (IOT) brand.  Taking sophisticated, cold, inanimate technology and translating it into a rich, warm human story is the key to WEMO’s approach.

At the end of the day, do you really want a Smart Home?  Or Home Automation?

It’s a world of difference to ask about a smart home or home automation vs. building the vision of what a smart home looks like and what it enables you to do. The WEMO video shows the emotional and aspirational side of a smart home – improving the quality of your life where it matters most:  connecting in a meaningful way with your family and friends.

Everybody’s got a story.  WEMO’s story is that it frees you to create your life story.  Less worry. More meaning.

Lessons I Learned from WEMO:

Get to the Why

The sage, Simon Sinek, is right.  Tell me the why, not the what or the how.  WEMO because it’s about freedom from details that can be better managed by technology.  It’s about seeing a missed opportunity to be with your child or loved one because of being overburdened with worry that can be mitigated by technology.  The video is all about the meaning of life with heart-warming images, music and a-ha moments we can all relate to.

Be The Verb

Belkin used WEMO to create a new category and become a verb.  WEMO THAT gives repeatability and memorability to the technology and the story it represents.  Love it!

Purify Your Purpose

Kieran quotes a Microsoft Distinguished Scientist:  “We are moving from an advertising-based economy to a values-based economy”. That’s what authenticity is about.  That’s where the meaning lies.  Brands that articulate their purpose and appeal to us as human beings in a genuine, relatable and non-manipulative way are the ones who we trust.  Well done, WEMO.

I like WEMO and how it translates technology into life-liberating moments that I aspire to create.  I’m in.  You?  Then just WEMO THAT and get on with your day.