Fred Schonenberg, Founder, VentureFuel
Fred Schonenberg, Founder, VentureFuel

We know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is also a golden opportunity to build your business and accelerate sales.

By changing your morning focus, you can find yourself brewing up more than coffee, percolating ideas that make everyone around you more productive. Here are three strategies to turn your morning yawn into the dawn of new opportunities.

Share The Bacon

In the morning, do you read the paper? Or do you get your news from The Today Show, while surfing the web?

Most people spend some portion of their morning getting on top of the things that interest them – and then they rush off to their jobs and don’t do anything with what they learned. That’s like cooking bacon but not eating it. Each morning, make it a rule to share what you discover with at least five business prospects. Maybe it’s sharing the tip you saw on a morning show, some business insight from the paper, the score of the Yankees game, or some other common interest.

While sharing to social media is encouraged, that doesn’t count for your five prospects – this is about personalization. No sales pitch, no ulterior motive – just you sharing and becoming a helpful resource while keeping your business top of mind.

Steep in New Ideas

Whether you start your morning with a jog, walking the dog, or by heading straight into your morning commute, there is usually some quiet time where you can listen. The default is to put on some music and zone out. But this window of time also provides an opportunity for you to inspire yourself to think differently, learn new tricks, and soak in ideas of motivation.

Try downloading audio books or subscribing to podcasts surrounding leadership and sales. Then incorporate listening to them for 30 minutes a day to expose yourself to new thoughts to improve your performance.

Pass The Eggs

Ask a client or clients to join you for breakfast. It is a surprisingly intimate meal, that usually leads to a more relaxed client – and the opportunity to really connect. Additional benefits of sharing the first meal of the day are numerous. You are:

  1.  Engaging prospects before they drown in the hectic mess of their day
  2.  Spending time during the morning, which is when people are most creative and open-minded
  3. Entertaining without breaking the bank


Take your breakfast to a park or a quiet coffee shop and spend an hour strategizing about your business and sales efforts.

No phone. No email. Just you, some coffee, and a note pad to record the ideas you brew. Big picture ideas flow early before you are dazed by the reality of emails and client calls. Do not leave until you have at least one actionable item that you implement prior to engaging in your normal routine.

Utilizing these tactics, you’ll remember why they say breakfast is essential for fueling your day. The early bird does indeed get the worm and as the sun rises, so too can your revenue.