In a recent article on, Karen Quintos, CMO of Dell, shared her number one way to motivate employees

According to Quintos, getting buy-in from your team is as simple as listening and taking action.

First, Leaders Must Listen 

Your marketing strategy already focuses on what your customers are saying. Simply turn that strategy inward to facilitate personal connections within your brand. Encouraging alternative view points helps with innovation and keeps your company from falling into dreaded ‘group think.’ Each member of your team has valuable expertise and opinions to contribute – let these ideas drive actions.

Second, Provide Purpose

Getting each employee connected to your product or service is an important step in building a team of brand champions. But it goes deeper.

Think about the ways your company can provide more meaning to employees and allow them to have a purpose that goes beyond their day-to-day job.

How does Quintos make it personal? She sponsors Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Summit (DWEN), the company’s largest employee resource group. Through her service to others, she stays energized and passionate about her own career. And that passion transfers to her team.

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