For better or worse, e-commerce is the modern day equalizer for many retail companies vying for the hard-to-earn attention of consumers. For Ryan Linders, Vice President CRM, Loyalty and Marketing Analytics at Sally Beauty, success in the digital space is all about relevance.

Easier said than done – as we all know. He has become a master in knowing what to say, when to say it, why it matters to the people you are saying it to and how to present it. In a recent Ad Age interview with Drew Neisser, Founder and CEO of Renegade, Linders walks us through the stripped-down version of Sally Beauty’s genius email marketing campaign and customer loyalty program.

Not surprisingly, getting to only the most fundamental components meant taking a hard look at processes and following the data. “No matter how alluring the content of a campaign, if it doesn’t resonate with the customer’s needs, it will fall flat,” wrote Neisser in the article. Linders and his team used data to internally map out the customer journey and focus on optimizing four core areas:

  • Initial purchase online or in-store
  • Entry into the loyalty program via a value add
  • Drip campaign that tells a story
  • Programmatic digital ads that are segmented and coordinated to match the unique customer journey

“Linders says that programmatic ads will mirror these email messages to the point where the banner ad models’ hair color matches the shade of dye that a customer purchased.”

Read the original article for an in-depth look at how Linders’ marketing team used data to create a stand-out loyalty program for their Sally Beauty customers.