I’ve shared in the past the importance of having a strong team to back up your efforts as a leader. I used the example of Phil Jackson, former coach of the World Champion LA Lakers, and how he wouldn’t have had the same success with this year’s team.

Just like Mr. Jackson, our individual success as a CMO, relies heavily on the collective efforts (and success) of the entire team.

We need to lead the growth agenda for the company, lead the brand beyond the marketing department, engage with customers effectively, deliver value and customer service….all while ensuring our company is differentiated in the market and while continuing to meet or exceed expectations to do more with less.

That’s a tall order to fill for any team – let alone any individual – which is why I’m adamant that the first domino that needs to be in place is a rock-solid team. The only way to accomplish such an agenda is to have the best possible mix of marketers, brand strategists, analytics pros and social media experts possible.

So, how does your team measure up? Is everyone the best they could possibly be for each position?

Chances are, there is room for improvement in even your highest performers. There is always a little more education, personal development and marketing conversation that could be imparted to bring them up a notch. Here some ways to help your team grow their competencies to become marketing leaders:

  • Develop a peer community to share ideas and challenges. Just like you rely on a peer network of fellow CMOs, so too do Director-level marketers.
  • Facilitate mentoring with professionals outside your organization. Likewise, position yourself as a mentor, sharing your own expertise while elevating the CMO role.
  • Put an emphasis on education, encouraging team members to constantly learn within their industry and their specific marketing roles.
  • Share your expertise as a seasoned marketer as a thought-leader. Thereby elevating the entire craft of marketing, while focusing on a curriculum that develops the competencies YOU feel are most valuable for successful CMOs.

I thought it would be great if we could help our members with these efforts, by inspiring greatness in your team and the next generation of marketing leaders. So, we’ve been building a Future CMO growth curriculum that focuses on your top marketers and helps them grow in an ever-changing landscape.

The Future CMO Club will also be a place where CMOs will have an opportunity to impart the wisdom they “wish they knew then” via a mentorship relationship, allowing you build your legacy as a CMO. The value of this is two-fold: as a mentor and leader, you have an integral role in determining the future landscape of the marketing profession, while also experiencing personal growth through reverse-mentorship and new networking opportunities.

If you want to learn more about The Future CMO Club, click here. We are starting to pre-enroll standout marketers that have been vetted by their CMO’s and would love to hear your member recommendations.

You don’t guarantee being the best in your industry with an all-star marketing team, but you have no shot without it.