What does it mean for a brand to be human?

Put simply, it’s remembering that your company is comprised of people and that you are in business to help other people.

Think in terms of a friendship and treat customers as equals. When consumers know their voice is important to you, your message starts to become a part of their language.

“The benefits are that people want you around. They want you to succeed, and there is a reason to belong in their lives beyond the product or service that you’re providing them,” says Liana Dinghile, Group Strategy Director EMEA at Siegel+Gale.

In the modern world, technology allows people to buy in a new way. They don’t have to go into the bank to get money, or into a store to get clothes – but they still go because they appreciate a human connection.

Dinghile explains in a short video, that it is crucial to establish this connection in order to keep traffic coming through your doors.

Below are her 3 ways to be more human:

  1. Establish a clear sense of purpose

What role do you play in the consumers’ lives? When you have a clear sense of who/what you are in business for, your brand will naturally be more authentic, too.

  1. Build an experience

Communicate as peers, not as a brand, and focus on delivering something of obvious value. You can allow your identity to go beyond the transaction by simply asking consumers how you can do more.

  1. Create engagement

“Create a new conversation, talk to people in a language they understand, motivate them, connect on a different level and also bring those people together as voices for the cause,” says Dinghile.

[youtube id=”3QKwhTuP-wQ”]