In order to meet the changing demands of today’s digital-savvy consumers, CMOs have reorganized their marketing tactics from one-directional messages to interactive branding campaigns that put the customer at the focal point.

To guide leaders managing this change, Monigle has published Organizational Change Management: How Changing Consumer Dynamics are Forcing a Revolution Inside the Traditional Marketing Department.

In this white paper, Monigle has detailed the importance of undergoing a change initiative in steps, including:

  • How to set the stage for newly empowered customers that actively interact in the marketplace.
  • The guiding principles for successfully managing the re-organization process. Key factors? Beginning with clearly defined goals, plans for implementation and strong communication with team members.
  • The evolution of the traditional marketing department from a silo structure to a hub-and-spoke one.

Why should your company reorganize? Because you can’t afford not to. Whether a B2C or B2B, implementing organizational change in your company is crucial to meet the growing demands of your customers.

In short, it’s just one aspect of a brand culture that promotes continuous innovation.

Read the full white paper HERE.