An in-depth review of insights from interviews with 17 award-winning marketers, the brightest in the business.


Stephanie Anderson, Time Warner Cable, on Leadership
Jonathan Becher, SAP, on Innovation
Chris Brull, Kawasaki, on Building a Lifestyle Brand
Louise Camuto, Vince Camuto, on Fashion Marketing
Phil Clement, Aon, on Content Marketing
Beth Comstock, GE, on Innovative Marketing
John Costello, Dunkin Donuts, on Consumer Engagement
Geoff Cottrill, Converse, on Community-Centered Marketing
John DeVincent, eMoney Advisors, on Prioritizing the Customer Experience
Julia Garlikov, Torani, on Building Brand Loyalty
Rose Hamilton, Pet360, on Marketing Online Challenger Brands
John Hayes, American Express, on Marketing as Service
Michael Lacorazza, Wells Fargo, on Digital Marketing
Antonio Lucio, Visa, on Digital Communications
Raj Rao, 3M on Digital and Social Optimization
Kyle Schlegel, Louisville Slugger, on Relaunching Brands
Marty St. George, JetBlue, on Innovation

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