AdvertisingWeek recently published Man Men (and Women) 3.0: A Snapshot of Some of 2015’s Ad Leaders and Up-And-Comers, and among the list of 10 standout leaders of the marketing & advertising world was our very own Pete Krainik. Pete was honored along with a group of some of marketing and advertising’s brightest stars including David Kargas (Associate Marketing Director at The Clorox Company), Joe Leahy (Chief Creative Officer and Partner at HLK) and Cindy Gustafson (Managing Director, Invention Studio at Mindshare North America), just to name a few.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Krainik has a triple threat background of work in marketing, sales, and IT. With 28 years in the industry, including 15 years at M&M/Mars, two at Siebel Systems, two at DoubleClick (now known as Google), two at Avaya, and seven as the Founder of The CMO Club, Krainik’s resume is the stuff ad legends are made of. Of all his accomplishments though, he is most proud of starting The CMO Club. Considered the first fraternity for CMOs to help one another and build trusted relationships, there are now over 800 CMOs in the club, with over 60 leading local chapters and national events.

Who’s my mentor? Paul Michaels who was the CMO at M&M/Mars and formerly ran Mars, Inc. worldwide. He taught me the most successful and high impact programs you ever do will come with the highest level of anxiety and risk. Playing it safe will not help you leave a legacy and truly change the industry.

The next CMO superstars are… Beth Comstock from GE who continues to lead a focus on innovation that is second to none. Stephen Quinn at Walmart impresses me with his ability to understand what he can learn from smaller brands. Phil Clement from Aon does an amazing job of leading his brand beyond the marketing department and is viewed by thousands of employees as working with them, not directing them.

How do leaders stay on the right path? Leaders never lose sight of the power of peer based relationships and learning. No one knows more about your challenges than your peers. Building meaningful relationships is critical for career and personal success.

When the going gets tough… I put myself in my customer’s shoes and do right by them.

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