“We don’t think about digital: we think about marketing,” said Paul D’Arcy in his post-CMO Club Award interview for The Drew Blog.

D’Arcy is the SVP of Marketing for Indeed.com, the world’s largest jobs search engine, drawing a jaw-dropping 180 million unique visitors a month. Attracting this kind of traffic on a regular basis is the work of a big thinker – one well worth getting to know.

In his recent interview with me, D’Arcy shared a glimpse of how he approaches marketing, why he’s not afraid of failure and how he figures out where to “place his bets” in the marketing game:

  • Test constantly…and expect to fail more than half the time. According to D’Arcy, if you aren’t trying some things that fail, you’re probably falling behind. “We find that we rarely get a creative strategy or new engagement channel right the first time,” he said.
  • Scale the winners: when you do identify successful approaches, invest heavily in those tactics to see great results.
  • Balance your team: D’Arcy blends “equal parts highly technical marketers, highly creative markets, and people with deep functional expertise” for a winning team that effectively moves the brand forward and brings job seekers and employers together on the site.
  • Keep raising the bar: Despite all of his success to-date, D’Arcy believes there is still tremendous upside opportunity. His goals? “To double the impact of every marketing dollar that we spend.”

If anybody could do this, our bet is on Paul.