The CMO ClubHouse at Cannes, France. June 19th, 2018

Key Takeaways


You need to put the consumer first and ask questions that the current data doesn’t know. It’s incredible how much data you will get when you start to ask new questions. -Daniel Cherry III, CMO- Activision Blizzard Esports

“I’m fascinated with technology and its important role in creating a one-on-one relationship, but it is still the creative that drives relevance.” -Andrea D’Aloia, Head of Brand and Communications- Burger King

“It all comes down to relevancy and frequency. That’s what we hear the most.” -Victor Wong, CEO- Thunder Industries

“You need to build a culture that is OK with things not working.”

Despite what you hear about needing six-second videos, our long-form does extremely well.” -Kaydee Bridges, VP, Digital and Social Media Strategy- Goldman Sachs

Tinder is a brand that’s doing it well. They need to retain folks, and Leanplum helped them to understand how to engage. They came out with new features for a higher premium subscription that lets people see who swipes on them before they swipe. It was a loyalty and upsell play that blew results out of the water.”

“Approach is about having an infrastructure to be customer-centric that keeps getting smarter.             -Joyce Solano, SVP, Global Marketing- Leanplum

“You need superior media-buying programmatic conversation, no matter what you think of programmatic.”

“As a brand, you need to decide what you will own, partner for and delegate. CMO’s all answer differently.

“It is easy to see why consulting companies are marching in. They can help in more ways. This outcome means that the agency model needs reinventing. We need to tell them they will do creative, be the creative shop and we will take all other responsibilities.”

“We want partners for the technology and want it to be part of our capabilities, too. In the end, it needs to be part of our stack.” -Antonio Lucio, CMO- HP

We are uncovering layers and silos to reveal our purpose and become a more purpose-driven company, so consumers remember why we exist.” -Ty Shay, CMO- Norton, and Lifelock-Symantec

“Our fundamental philosophy; In a world where people become bombarded, you have to get noticed before you get remembered or understood. You have to entertain, and you have to move them.”  -Jane Wakely, CMO- Mars Pet Nutrition

You need to start from a passion point people can truly believe in.” -Lee Goodger, Social Media Business Strategist- Shell

We need to figure out how to push content across all platforms. The agencies don’t have the motivation to evolve.”-Molly Battin, Global CMO/COO-Turner

“We need more measurement to measure audience across all platforms. The marketplace is evolving so quickly. Everyone is still trying to catch up.” -Dan Salzman, Global Head of Media, Analytics & Insights- HP

If TV networks don’t evolve and create new offerings to keep up with viewing habits they’ll stay siloed. All content needs to come together.” -Jim Tricarico, President, and Head of Marketing/Advertising- Cadent

 We’re going back into retail with flagships in Tokyo and Korea, and that’s the space we’re focusing on at the moment.” -Sebastian Micozzi, Global Head of Marketing- BAT

“The biggest challenge we face is smaller companies emerging as our competitors.” -Brad Hiranga, VP, Brand Building, North America- General Mills:

The CMO ClubHouse at Cannes, France. June 19th, 2018